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SLAmonitor enhances the Service Level Agreement management features of our core products. SLA's are used to categorize the Priority and Severity of service requests to ensure a prompt and consistent response within end user or customer expectations. 

The SLAmonitor application integrates with our helpdesk products and constantly monitors and updates calls based on their SLA category. Traffic light flags identify calls exceeding SLA's and e-mail notifications may be sent to predefined Operators, Teams or their Managers when a call exceeds any of the thresholds set.

Standard SLA Management Features

The standard sitehelpdesk.com helpdesk and support solutions provide a mechanism to record and track Service Level Agreements as a method to prioritize work.

This is achieved by holding an Escalation, Response and Resolve time against a service level agreement category. This category is assigned to calls either automatically based on the call type or manually when entering or updating a call. The standard helpdesk products;

  • Hold as many SLA categories as you require.Standard SLA category management

  • Provides the mechanism to assign an appropriate category as a measure of the impact, severity and urgency of a call and sets the priority for dealing with them

  • sitewebdesk allows you to manage independent SLA profiles for your various customer agreements - e.g gold, silver and bronze support.

  • Traffic light flags identify calls where an SLA category has been reached

  • Enquiry reports on calls that are inside and outside the SLA category with a percentage hit and drill downs

  • Call durations are calculated on a 24 hour clock basis which will suit some support operations but not all

Enhanced SLAmonitor Features

The SLAmonitor is an executable program that resides on the web server and runs in the background, calculating the durations and checking their current status against the assigned SLA category and optionally notifying you by email.SLAmonitor

  • Takes into consideration the normal working hours of the support department and any holiday periods

  • Stop the SLA clock when passed to third party support or when waiting for user/customer responses

  • During each pass of the SLAmonitor, it updates the call duration and resets the traffic light flag if Escalation, Response or Resolution times are exceeded

  • Optional facility to send automated email notifications to predefined personnel when thresholds are reached

  • Enhanced reporting of SLA related call times and percentage hits against both response and fix times with full drill down enquiry

  • Full audit trail of actions taken by SLAmonitor are kept in the Event log of each call that is updated 

Now you have seen the highlights - click here to download a trial our helpdesk then email for the SLAmonitor add-on

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