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sitehelpdesk-IT has been specifically designed to provide the record keeping and tracking requirements for complete control of the IT support function:

  • Integration of comprehensive registration and maintenance facilities for all the infrastructure, systems, software, equipment, and their users in your organization

  • Registers to meet legal requirements by making sure that licensing corresponds to user requirements, avoiding prosecution from unlicensed use. 

  • Integrates with HSImonitor for web browser based Hardware and Software Inventory auditing and configuration change control. Click here to review

  • Alternatively Integrates with Microsoft System Management Server (SMS) or Visionsoft Visual Audit Pro 

  • Unique business continuity features that conform to the disaster recovery record keeping requirements of  ISO 17799.

  • Integrated record keeping with incident, problem and configuration management backed up with audit, tracking, service level and process control to help you achieve ITIL and BS15000

Follow the review of sitehelpdesk features and then scroll down this page for highlights of the additional benefits of sitehelpdesk-IT.

User Call Logging and Self Help

  • Internal staff may log support calls directly from a link on your Intranet utilizing all the features and tools available in sitehelpdesk

  • They may also be provided with the option to  identify the hardware that relates to the call being logged.

  • Hardware search and select on Host Name, Serial number or Asset number to suit the way you work

  • As with sitehelpdesk, the terminology used in sitehelpdesk-IT may be changed from one place and all references on screens and reports change.

IT Service  Management Features

Support Operators may access the hardware records during call resolution to update details, issue inventory to or from stock, re-allocate, re-locate or register third party support (audit logged against HW record and in call Event )Inventory Records

  • Maintain HW/SW purchase records and warranties

  • Log and track hardware faults referred to third parties 

  • Audit trail records show hardware allocation changes and movements - all the Operator has to do is select the new User or Location from the drop down list

  • Hardware disposal record keeping features - we do not allow the mysterious deletion of hardware records 

  • Optional free format entry or drop down selections for Location and HW Models

  • Drill down from HW records for related call history 

  • Comprehensive search, sort and reporting on hardware information

  • Maintain a stock of hardware, manuals, spares, consumables and track all issues and loans

  • Drill down into detailed configuration held in the SMS database

  • Register of software purchases and license counts and enquire upon installed software using the HSImonitor  / SMS / VAP drill down enquiry to obtain list and count of allocated licenses for legal compliance

  • Physical audits of inventory using integrated bar code/serial number scanning

Network Management

The holding of network infrastructure registers in a central IT application ensures that there is a single point of reference and that they are continually kept up to date.

Comprehensive and up to date record keeping is not only useful for day to day management but critical for a full recovery from a disaster. IP Address Registers

  • Maintain IP address ranges and static IP address allocations

  • Floor port patching registers for voice and data connections

  • Backup registers

  • Restore registers

  • Offsite media archive registers

Business continuity is as much about managing changes in personnel as external threats and accidents. Personal record keeping can be avoided with critical records maintained and shared in sitehelpdesk-IT. 

Business Continuity

System process documentation and records derived on the fly usually occur after system or network outages and after disasters strike. This is too late for a business that is serious about ensuring it's continuity. Server Recovery Records

  • Maintain Server recovery details, responsibility, priority and recovery dependencies

  • Hold Key internal DR contact records

  • Hold key external contacts such as 3rd party DR support, utilities (e.g water, telephone, power), PC hire firms etc

  • 3rd Party maintenance registers linked to hardware record and 3rd party call tracking

  • Always available, up to date DR pack report

  • Insurance valuation asset list for each location

  • Maintenance Report

A DR pack of the critical information is always available and automatically updated. This may be printed and carried by IT managers and held off site to provide the vital reference material required in the event of  an emergency.

free trialsNow you have seen the highlights - click here to download a trial of sitehelpdesk-IT . Also integrates with WMImonitor to take full control of your IT function


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