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sitehelpdesk is a feature rich  support solution suitable for use by any internal support function. From a link on your Intranet, this web browser based software provides your company employees with online support and self help even when you are not available. The unique design features will allows you to get fully up and running within hours of installing.

sitehelpdesk forms the core support service solution at the heart of our product range. It may be downloaded from this site and is then easily upgraded for additional features relating specifically to support in an IT Service department (sitehelpdesk-IT) or for external Customer support (sitewebdesk)

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   User Call Logging and Self Help

  • Internal staff may log support calls directly from a link on your Intranet using Netscape, Mac IE or Microsoft Internet Explorer. 

  • Optional screen layout designs, fonts, colors and terminology used.User Pages

  • Option to use NT login authentication to identify the user. 

  • Option to allow free format of user name and other information required to create new users 'on the fly' as calls are being logged.

  • Numerous options for additional validated information entry.

  • Auto assignment and notifications of call reference number.

  • Options for Scripted questions, answers and prompts for self help or  to obtain additional information.

  • Self help with FAQ's and links to documents, web pages reports and graphs

  • User events entry and close call

  • Options for automated email notification to Operators.

  • Satisfaction feedback.

Operator Call ManagementCall Management

  • Support Operators log into sitehelpdesk from any PC with Microsoft Internet Explorer or a PDA. 

  • They are presented with their call log summary and any follow up actions due in the next week. 

  • Drill downs are available to immediately open related call details and begin work on resolutions.

  • Enter telephone support requests using rapid search facilities and click through on user names. 

  • Option to allow Operators to create new users 'on the fly' 

  • Call Type Scripting can prompt operator with resolution or collect useful and relevant  information. 

  • Templates may be set up for individual or multiple related calls for rapid entry and to ensure procedures are always followed and quick fixes get logged. (template selection only appears when some are available). 

  • Email integration create calls sent via email - integrates with MS Exchange Server and POP3 for full email integration including attachments and tracking emailed replies.

  • Operators have access to calls highlighted with impact and SLA severity via traffic light flags indicating when thresholds are reached. See SLAmonitor review for more information

  • On screen specific help is always available from the ? button and all help text may be edited with specific instructions.

  • Various work flow options depending on operator privileges. 

  • Knowledge base key word search interfaces across call history KB, links and FAQ's.

  • Links to technical papers, third party  support sites and internal documentation.

  • Add and Edit FAQ database with attachments to further information for Operators and end user self help.

  • There is also an Internal Staff Contacts list that may be linked to directly from your Intranet with optional links to their photographs.

Reports and Graphs

  • Numerous predefined reports of call volume summaries with drill down into details.

  • Time tracking and recharging / billing reports

  • Call volume trend analysis and status summary reporting

  • SLA report for user specified periods grouped by Operator or SLA category with drill down to identify offending calls.Report Menu and Graph builder

  • Graphical analyses reports and a graph builders

  • Flexible Query By Example report generator provides access to the database and selections, sorting and display preferences plus save and retrieve options

  • Spreadsheet links

  • Summary statistics tables

  • Graph and report generated pages may be saved as links and made available to end users These may be static or real time dynamic results that are made available online.

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