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sitehelpdesk is designed to provide support to your internal users.  Full Call management and Reporting.  Allows users to log and track support requests.

sitehelpdesk-IT is designed for an internal IT support department.  Provides the functionality of sitehelpdesk plus hardware and software inventory.  Also Contains key registers for IP Address, Backup, Restore etc.  Provides a complete Disaster Recovery pack.

sitewebdesk is designed to provide support to your external customers.  Full Call management and Reporting.  Allows your customers to log and track support requests via secure logon. Maintain customer details (products/services, contacts, address etc.).

SLAmonitor application integrates with our range of helpdesk products to monitor calls based on their SLA category. Traffic light flags identify calls exceeding SLA's and e-mail notifications may be sent to predefined Operators, Teams or their Managers when a call exceeds any of the thresholds set.  Full SLA report provided.

EMLmonitor provides incoming email integration with any POP3 enabled mail system - MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, Internet Email etc.  Note that core products do not require EMLmonitor for outgoing email notifications to end users, customers, support operators or managers.

WMImonitor is an Asset Management application for hardware and software auditing and configuration change monitoring. This may be run as a stand-alone application or as a fully integrated add-on to sitehelpdesk-IT or sitewebdesk and is fully accessible from a web browser.

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