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WMImonitor is an Asset Management application for hardware and software auditing and configuration change monitoring. This may be run as a stand-alone application or as a fully integrated add-on to sitehelpdesk-IT or sitewebdesk and is fully accessible from a web browser.

This exceptional tool will help you track the hardware on your network and every thing that happens with your computer assets, maintaining a full history of all changes.

Studies indicate that you can save up to 26% of your Total Cost Ownership (TCO) when you use an asset management tool. Asset management systems can however add to the support cost if they are complex and difficult to administer and use, WMImonitor is designed to reduce the burden on IT support.

WMImonitor Overview
  • WMImonitor can collect information on all hardware and software components of your PC's and Servers in an easy to operate and simple way.

  • It is easy to install, runs on any version of MS SQL Server and is fully scalable to cater for even the largest network.

  • When implemented in conjunction with sitehelpdesk-IT, this application provides a formidable tool for total control of the IT environment.

Please contact a sales representative at sales@sitehelpdesk.com if you are interested in a demo or purchasing WMImonitor

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