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EMLmonitor provides Incoming email integration with any POP3 or IMAP enabled mail system MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, Internet Email etc.

The core products do not require EMLmonitor for outgoing email notifications to end users, customers, support operators or managers.

There are two interfaces to EMLmonitor: Standard SLA category management

1. Using the Check Email option under Call Manager and then manually selecting incoming emails for conversion to tickets or events on existing calls.

2. Running EMLmonitor automated process which will pick up all incoming emails sent to a predetermined email address and convert them to tickets (or events on existing call tickets). 

EMLmonitor automated process will:

1. Automatically create call tickets from new emails that arrive into the POP3 or IMAP mail box.Standard SLA category management

2. Automatically add emailed replies back from End Users or Customers to an existing call tickets as an Event.

The two methods may be run in parallel and logs are kept of all incoming emails so that manual attempts to import the same email again will result in the associated call ticket being opened instead.

Note: multiple Email attachments or embedded images are automatically added as attachments to the Call ticket.

EMLmonitor integrates with all our helpdesk products


Now you have seen the highlights - click here to download a trial our helpdesk then email for the EMLmonitor add-on

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